Why Choose A Personal Care Community?

We are glad your asked! When shopping for a community for your loved one, it’s important to understand the distinction between Personal Care and Assisted Living. While there are some differences in regards to licensing, the greatest difference between Personal Care and Assisted Living relates to nursing oversight and medication management, which is provided at a Personal Care community like Hallmark House.

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Specializing in Memory Care

At Hallmark House, we understand the difficulty in moving a loved one from their home when Memory Care issues arise. Our commitment to you is that we will provide unmatched service to our residents by offering a safe, socially stimulating and comfortable environment all while meeting the challenges of caring for your loved one.Providing care and comfort for those suffering with Memory Loss is at the core of what we do.

Our facility and floor plan have been custom designed to minimize resident confusion and irritation, which contributes to their safety and comfort. In fact, our designers toured and studied memory care facilities throughout the country to achieve a design with the perfect balance of safety, comfort while maintaining an active lifestyle. Our design incorporates open spaces, natural light and specially selected color schemes to help minimize irritation and anxiety. Even the dining room features and open kitchen so the aroma of the meals creates a home like atmosphere.

What To Do When Loved One Shows Signs Of Dementia

Do You Know The Difference?

Download Our Free White-Paper On The Differences Between a Personal Care Community vs. Assisted Living Community. This free guide may help you choose which type of retirement community is best suited for your elder needs.