Many people are not even aware that they have a problem with dementia. When you start to show the effects of Alzheimer’s in your mind, it is time to get treatment. You do not have to wait for the effects of Alzheimer’s to affect you and your family. It can happen very quickly and you could be in a position where you are unable to care for yourself or your family. There is also new medication that is available. If you are a person who loves to take medications, this new medication may be something to consider.

The effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain can be quite devastating. The disease attacks the brain and slowly destroys it. It causes memory loss, aphasia, language problems, and a reduction in mental abilities.

Although the disease affects the mind, it can also affect the body. Many physical changes take place in patients with dementia. These physical changes can include weight gain, appetite changes, edema, swelling of parts of the body, fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, and frequent infections.

A person with the disease also begins to notice changes around the face, such as wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. They also begin to have memory problems and difficulty with language. Sometimes, they forget names. Sometimes, they cannot remember what they are doing. Other times, the disease makes it difficult to perform ordinary things such as dressing or getting dressed. Some of these things only occur every few months or every few years, while others make the person crazy for dressing up and having a special place for clothes.

When someone realizes that they have Alzheimer’s, they usually feel a deep sense of despair. For this reason, many do not go for regular checkups or medical appointments, thinking that they will automatically be diagnosed with the disease. However, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are similar to those of other diseases and therefore the disease should be monitored and treated. If the early stages of the disease are detected, there is a good chance that treatment will be successful.

If the effects of Alzheimer’s are not detected and properly treated, then the disease could progress. This advanced stage of the disease is called Stage IV. The worse part about Stage IV is that the person may not have any family left to support him. The effects of Alzheimer’s in Stage IV can be fatal. If someone has Stage IV, he or she is not able to remember their family or his or her name.

There is always the chance that the effects of Alzheimer’s on the mind will worsen as the patient ages. It would be best if you think about the things that your loved ones mean to you and your life. Remember how much you have shared and how valuable each day is. Do not let the disease take away the things that you and your loved ones used to cherish so much. Remember that you will still be able to enjoy your old memories even after your loved one has become afflicted with the disease.

The effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain and memory do not necessarily affect everyone who has it. Everyone indeed develops certain Alzheimer’s symptoms at different stages of the disease. But there is still hope. There are various treatments for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, and there are also several ways to prevent the progression of the disease. You can always protect yourself and your loved one against the effects of Alzheimer’s by being informed and educating yourself about the disease and all the available treatments.