How do I know what stage of dementia they’re in? That’s the question that comes to everyone’s minds when they find out that their loved one has dementia. It’s always a difficult time because people don’t know what to do and what’s the best way to approach the subject. The first thing you need to ask is what kind of signs or symptoms do you have to look for.

I think the most important thing you should be asking yourself if you have any doubts about your loved one’s condition is how long they have been experiencing it. Has it been a couple of months maybe? A year? Keep a record of all the questions you are asked and don’t be afraid, to be frank with the doctor. They will understand and keep track of things.

Some of the most common questions that someone is asked when they are diagnosed with dementia are, “When was the last time you were really angry?” or “when was the last time you had trouble sleeping?” I think these two questions are very important and they need to be answered. If someone is not getting enough sleep or not having enough anger to make them angry, then there are more signs of problems than signs of people not getting enough sleep or anger. When someone is tired all the time they are more likely to have memory lapses than someone tired and a bit happier.

Another very common question that is asked by people when they are told they’re suffering from a certain condition is, “What is the worst part of having this disease?” The truth of the matter is that everyone has a different opinion on what’s the worse part. The worst part for some people is when they have to go to a professional dentist or psychiatrist to ask for help.

“How can I tell if my spouse or I am going to go crazy?” I think this question is just as important as the ones that ask, “how do I know what stage of dementia they are in?” This question might not even be as important if people were asked questions like, “How often does my wife or husband argue?” or “How many times do I find myself trying to sleep after an argument with my spouse?”

If you hear someone asking, “How do I know what stage of dementia they are in?” You should listen to what they have to say with a lot of consideration. What they are saying is very important because it could very well be telling you that they are beginning to experience memory loss and that could very well mean that they will never be able to remember things again. When they say something like this, it could very well be that they are seeing a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

How do I know if they have stage three dementia, which is the most severe form of the disease? This question could be even more important because people at this point are usually on the verge of losing their ability to live alone. They will have lost everything they ever owned and will have to move into a house with no possessions. How do I know if they have reached this point in their lives? Only a doctor can answer that question and if you don’t have one at your fingertips then you might want to find one to ask the question to.

If someone asked you, “How do I know what stage of dementia they are in?” you should already know the answer to that question because you have been testing them to determine what level they are at. Sometimes people start to forget things or experience strange behaviors that are out of character for them. If you haven’t asked them yet, you need to ask them now because the sooner you know the answer, the sooner you can treat them and stop the progression of the disease. This is something that everyone needs to know and there is no better way than to ask the question so that you can get the answers that you need.