How Senior Living has evolved is one of the biggest changes we have seen in assisted living. Gone are the days of a bed to a couch, a phone for communication, and laundry facilities. In their place are health centers, community activities, laundry services, exercise facilities, and swimming pools. These changes were prompted by a need to provide better living conditions for those who are aging, either due to illness or old age.

First, when you are talking about Senior Home Care, you are talking about having someone who is trained and/or lives at your home regularly. This is not a nursing home. You do not need a nurse to come in and do all the day-to-day tasks. Instead, the aide would be there to perform those tasks. This type of aid will generally need assistance getting in and out of bed and maybe lifting things. They could do light housekeeping tasks and other things that the residents need assistance doing around the house.

Second, the services provided are geared to making the senior citizen comfortable. This means activities like walking, moving, swimming, and even gardening are done regularly. Many people in this age group need assistance with these activities because they cannot do them on their own. Some activities are provided, like physical therapy, which the resident needs help with or takes part in on their own.

Third, the Senior Home Care Agency is one of the leading providers of medical care to the elderly in the nation. This agency offers many services that help the elderly live as healthy and happy as possible. This may include but is not limited to, medical care, prescription medicine, and/or dental care. The goal of the agency is to provide the best care possible to the elderly, whether it be physical or emotional care.

Lastly, the elderly can do many things on their own. A few of these things include painting, gardening, cooking, shopping, and socializing. Many elderly individuals are not mobile enough to do these things on their own, so the agencies work hard to make these activities available. They also need to be taught how to do them so that the residents will continue to use them. These activities should be fun for them or at least enjoyable.

When considering how senior living has evolved over the years, one must look at each aspect from the entire scope of what the elderly need. Social services are important for the elderly to keep them active. Medical care is vital for the elderly to stay healthy. Physical activity keeps the body and minds active. And the elderly need to learn how to continue to live independently to the best of their abilities.